Welcome and congratulations on taking the first step towards a successful fundraising campaign!  As a Yoga on the Steps participant and fundraiser, you are providing Living Beyond Breast Cancer the financial resources that will help continue its mission of empowering women diagnosed with breast cancer through its nationally renowned programs and services.

To assist you with your efforts, we have prepared useful fundraising guides, tips and tools. Mindful of your valuable time, we’ve kept it simple, and of course the entire Yoga on the Steps staff is always available to help.


 Participant Guide

Our Participant Guide offers easy to implement ideas to help optimize your fundraising efforts.


 Donation Chart

A special chart to help you organize and track the donations you receive.


 Donation Appeal Letter

We’ve created a template donation letter you can download and then cut-and-paste into an email or use on the phone when asking your supporters for a donation and what it means for thousands of women diagnosed with breast cancer.

Barefoot Balls

Yoga on the Steps participants have told us they want to create their own annual fundraising program to increase the level of financial support their friends, family and colleagues are able to provide to LBBC. So, we decided to develop an amazingly fun and easy to produce enhancement event that is going to take your team’s fundraising efforts to a whole, new level: The Barefoot Ball. 

A Barefoot Ball is a special yoga class that can be held any time of the year and can be implemented with the help of your team mates, contacts and partners you may have in your community. 


 Barefoot Ball Guide

This guide makes organizing your very own Barefoot Ball even easier by providing a step-by-step timeline, information on where to find resources you may need and how LBBC can help you host a well-attended and successful event.